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Please READ First! :
Both Cults & Isms are listed here. Not every group mentioned on this site is considered a destructive cult. Some are 'benign isms' - different but not emotionally or socially destructive. Even cults vary in their degree of destructiveness. The information about benign groups is provided because we have received more than five inquiries about those groups.

There is bound to be information you will not agree with, however it is our conviction that the public should have access to alternative information before deciding whether to participate in any particular group.  If they want to know what your group teaches they can ask you directly.  

We have attempted to put the best of what is available on this site. Some files are from other sites linked to ours because during internet congestion it is difficult to access many of the international sites and a 'backup' site ensures the information is readily accessible in the South Pacific.

What on Earth is Cult Awareness & Information Center???  
General Information You Need to Know About Cults
Psychological Issues - Mind Control & All That Stuff.....
Leaving A Cult - Help Is Here
Bible Based Cults & Isms     Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons,Moonies,TheWay, Branham,International        Church of Christ,Children of God (AKA The Family) 2x2's, Local Church, Revival Centers, Christian
       Science, Christadelphianism, Seventh Day Adventism, etc
Spiritual Abuse in the Church - Sadly it's not JUST those they consider Cults       Sept 2002
Commercial Cults & Multi-Level Marketing      Sept 2002
New Age Cults & Isms
Eastern Cults & Isms    Hare Krishna, Aum, TM, Lenz, Deepak Chopra, Sai Baba, Mahikari etc
Psychotherapy Cults & Isms      Landmark (EST/FORUM), Scientology, Lifespring, Co-Counselling, etc
Other Cults & Isms   MSIA (John Roger), CUT (Summit), UFO's, Bahai, etc
Political Cults & Isms
Personal Stories of Ex-cult Members
The Occult
"False Memory Syndrome" & Recovered Memories      Sept 2002
"Ritual Abuse"       Sept 2002
World Religions
Theological Issues With Cults &Isms

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This Recovering Jehovah's Witnesses site was owned by
Jan Groenveld in whose memory we have continued this great work .

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Legal Notice: The administration of this website was taken over about  September, 2004  by Med Trans 1, Inc.. The content on this site was the work of the late Jan Groenveld, and as such, Med Trans 1, Inc. is not knowledgeable about the specific content presented on this website, nor is responsible for any inaccuracies that may be discovered.

We wish to be fair to all parties involved, and there is no intent whatsoever to present inaccurate in formation.  Therefore, if any group or individual feels that information presented on this site is inaccurate, please contact us. If the information is proven to be inaccurate, it will be either changed or removed upon receipt of verifiable proof being supplied to us. Verifiable proof is defined as a disinterested source independent of your group such as newspaper, encyclopedia, public records and similar sources. 

Any group or individual who wishes to supply a rebuttal to any information presented on this site may do so at any time. The length of the rebuttal is to be no more in length (number of words) than the article or material being rebutted. The rebuttal is to be within an e-mail and not as an attachment. E-Mails with attachments are automatically deleted unread due to the large number of virus attacks we received in the past.

Literature, books etc. mailed to us will  be discarded unread unless we specifically requested the materials. Those who send mail that is abusive in nature or combative, will not receive a response from us. Nor will any article be debated or extensive discussions be engaged in regarding an article published.      

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