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Scientology Hides From Anonymous?

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Scientology Hides From Anonymous?


There's something fishy going on at the Church of Scientology Los Angeles, and not just the normal fishy Scientology stuff.  By the looks of these pictures posted to Flickr by former Scientologist Chuck Beatty, it seems the church is preparing for some kind of nuclear attack.  Or maybe just another Anonymous protest.  The pictures show stacks of shipping containers in front of the Los Angeles church.  Beatty writes that it's a part of "the hiding policy of L. Ron Hubbard" meant to "shield themselves from the anonymous demonstrators."

Is it an attempt to keep Anonymous' message from reaching the impressionable members of the church?  Or more about preventing them from having to look at the unsightly protesters?  We called the Los Angeles church to ask but they haven't called back yet.  Maybe all the containers muffle the sound of the phone.

By Adam K. Raymond
06/26/08 1:30 PM